Word burden…or image burden?

The one who never doubted of the reliability of his or her quantitative questionnaire, or never thought that his or her qualitative study was with difficulty generalizable, casts the first stone! What if hybrid methods, marrying quantitative and qualitative data collection, could conciliate both approach’s advantages?


How does the online images’ wall work?

For few years now, marketing researchers have been using the power of images to understand consumers’ deep thoughts which are rarely expressed, due to voluntary avoidance or unconsciousness of these thoughts. Yet, visual anthropological protocols for interpretation is complex and not often generalizable…In his article published in Research and Applications in Marketing this month, Stéphane Ganassali introduce the online images’ wall protocol (OIWP). This data collection method uses three online sequenced stages:

  • The participant chooses among a various choice of images the ones that best suits to the theme proposed
  • The participant then justifies his or her choices with a free expression and with his or her own words
  • The participant finally fills in a questionnaire with closed questions concerning his or her attitudes and behaviors.

That way, the two first stages help to collect deeper insights among large samples and the third stage allows to quantify and to predict purchase behaviors.

Hum, hum, but does it really work?

To convince us, Stéphane Ganassali compared the outputs of the same study using two different methods for collecting data. The answer rate between the OIWP study and the classical format (without illustrations or with 3 non dynamic images) are equivalent. Indeed, participants are more incited to fill the survey with the online images’ wall due to the fun tasks perception, but the author points out that the time dedicated to answering to the qualitative part induces a higher desertion rates for the quantitative part…However, the load factor and participants’ evocation are richer in the online images’ wall study.

Thus, this method seems to be well adapted to understand experiential consumption or to capture consumers’ emotions. The only thing you need is to pick up the right images!

About Mind Your Sense

Je suis une consultante-chercheure indépendante en quête d'aventures intellectuelle, humaine, opérationnelle, organisationnelle, professionnelles, etc. Une vie faite de rencontres et d'expériences variées, riches et belles me permet aujourd'hui de proposer de vous faire entrer dans mon aventure, si vous le voulez ! A votre écoute si vous chercher un accompagnement de vos client(e)s, de vos étudiant(e)s, vos collaborateurs(trices) dans le cadre marketing, pédagogique, et de recherche.
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