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Understanding people with disabilities to better emancipate them!

According to the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO), ‘is disabled any person whose physical or mental integrity is temporarily or permanently diminished, whether congenitally, or under the effect of age or an accident, such that their autonomy, their … Continue reading

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When imaginaries underlie the creation of the nanotechnology market…

Nanotechnologies heralding a ‘nanorevolution’? Nanotechnologies are built on the unique properties of materials that have a length scale of one-billionth of a meter. This represents the set of technologies that deal with objects with dimensions of less than one nanometer; … Continue reading

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Shock charity campaigns: A guide for fine research

Have you read the blog post written by Ouidade Sabri on the article of Jeanne Albouy that was recently published in Recherche et Applications en Marketing? No? For a catch-up session, you can go to: Using shock to incite donation, … Continue reading

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Are consumer associations still legitimate and trustworthy in the eyes of consumers?

At a time when the government wants to reduce grants granted to consumer associations by nearly 40%, consumer associations seem to lose the support of the State, which has been given for the last six decades. What about the consumers … Continue reading

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Measuring marketing capabilities? It’s possible and useful!

Measuring marketing capabilities? It’s possible and useful! In life, to meet challenges, you have to have the corresponding capabilities. It’s the same for companies: organizational capabilities, that are adapted to the key success factors of challenges, represent a guarantee of … Continue reading

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Do too many labels kill labels?

You’ve probably asked yourself this question at least once: “But why are there so many labels and brand logos on this bag of grated Italian cheese or on this bottle of milk?” It is rare today that only one brand … Continue reading

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Facing death to make you change your behavior in the face of climate risks: is fear in advertising a recipe that still works?

The tropical storm, Irma, which recently raged in the United States has once again brought to the fore the dire consequences of climate change. For a very large number of people, the succession of worldwide natural disasters (tsunami, hurricane, storm…)—more … Continue reading

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