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Made in “home”

When being local modifies consumers’ perception. In 2014, an IPSOS survey revealed that now, 70% of French consumed more local products than 2 years ago. Recession, repetitive food crises, social responsibility… many reasons come to mind as explicative factors. But … Continue reading

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Do too many labels kill labels?

You’ve probably asked yourself this question at least once: “But why are there so many labels and brand logos on this bag of grated Italian cheese or on this bottle of milk?” It is rare today that only one brand … Continue reading

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Facing death to make you change your behavior in the face of climate risks: is fear in advertising a recipe that still works?

The tropical storm, Irma, which recently raged in the United States has once again brought to the fore the dire consequences of climate change. For a very large number of people, the succession of worldwide natural disasters (tsunami, hurricane, storm…)—more … Continue reading

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To shock to incite donations, how far can we go?

The end of the year represents a particular time framework for communication campaign since it brings to light social causes next to Christmas advertisement. This year, the non-governmental organization (NGO) Médecins sans Frontières’ (Doctors without Borders) ads with trash images … Continue reading

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Goodbye my dear castle…or how to innovate with wine bottle design

  Do you know Badoit Rouge or Vittel water bottle with a red cap? What a color for just a mineral water! Isn’t it? Yet, these two products represent a real success of two brand strategies aimed at standing out … Continue reading

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