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When imaginaries underlie the creation of the nanotechnology market…

Nanotechnologies heralding a ‘nanorevolution’? Nanotechnologies are built on the unique properties of materials that have a length scale of one-billionth of a meter. This represents the set of technologies that deal with objects with dimensions of less than one nanometer; … Continue reading

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Trust Advisor! Or how to fight against fake reviews on internet?

That’s decided, I’ll book the hotel that received the best comments on This is the way to successful holidays! More than 70%  internet users look at other consumers’ reviews before they buy, but only 25% find them reliable. First, … Continue reading

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Are consumer associations still legitimate and trustworthy in the eyes of consumers?

At a time when the government wants to reduce grants granted to consumer associations by nearly 40%, consumer associations seem to lose the support of the State, which has been given for the last six decades. What about the consumers … Continue reading

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Tell me how you are doing and I will tell you where you are shopping.

The morale of French people… Barometer [1] of the degree of the optimism toward the general state of economy and the own financial situation of the French people is regularly brought to attention for its effects on sectoral or national … Continue reading

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Travel to Amapie. Discovering the three hidden worlds.

An AMAP is an association for maintaining rural agriculture aiming at preserving local farm. Their purpose is to support sustainable agriculture through social responsibility policies and ecological concerns. Since the creation of the first AMAP in 2001, their number has … Continue reading

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All equals in resistance?

Are we all equals when facing an influence attempt? Do we all have the same dispositions to push back or avoid a salesman trying to make us buy a product? To resist advertising arguments? To elude marketing traps? To prevent … Continue reading

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Made in “home”

When being local modifies consumers’ perception. In 2014, an IPSOS survey revealed that now, 70% of French consumed more local products than 2 years ago. Recession, repetitive food crises, social responsibility… many reasons come to mind as explicative factors. But … Continue reading

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Facing death to make you change your behavior in the face of climate risks: is fear in advertising a recipe that still works?

The tropical storm, Irma, which recently raged in the United States has once again brought to the fore the dire consequences of climate change. For a very large number of people, the succession of worldwide natural disasters (tsunami, hurricane, storm…)—more … Continue reading

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Marketing pressure under questioning: do loyalty program must consider consumers’ well-being?

Here is a well-established knowledge: loyalty programs compete hard to find the idea that will retain and conduct consumers to conclude their shopping.  For instance, gifts offered through the Flying Blue program of Air France can be obtained only under … Continue reading

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Marketing of Ethic or Ethical Marketing?

Nike sport shoes produced by children of 10 years old or by sweatshops (wherein workers are slaves exploited within immoral conditions), isn’t it ringing any bell? For 20 years, the brand is at the heart of controversial critics and has … Continue reading

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